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This is Bjorn Lunden, where six brands with a shared passion for simplifying entrepreneurial journeys have come together. With each company in our group contributing its unique experience, expertise and excellence. Our coming together marks a giant step forward in our commitment to ensuring efficiency, clarity and joy in your everyday business.

Meet the

Björn Lundén

We simplify your business.

Björn Lundén

Masters of simplifying financial complexities since 1987. Björn Lundén is the go-to problem solver for entrepreneurs and accounting firms in Sweden. With a portfolio of easy-to-use software and a knowledge department that answers every tax question that you could think of.


Overtime or time left over?


Meet the timekeepers of modern business. With a user-friendly app you’ll have a companion that enables effortless time reporting. Anywhere and anytime. Forget about overtime, with Timekeeper you’ll have time left over to spend on the joyful parts of running a business.


Project management made easy.


Your reliable business partner and trusted toolkit for organizing, coordinating, and tracking every aspect of your projects. The solution that eases the headache of every project manager. Just look at our name – we're here to turn your plans into achievements.


Spend your time right.


“Time flies” might be a common saying. But with QBIS by your side, it’s more like your time flows smoothly. QBIS offers an easy way to track how you spend your time, ensuring you don’t waste the most valuable thing you have. Some call it time reporting, but we like to call it time mastery.

KING Software

Where personal is the standard.

KING Software

“A real time-saver", that's how our customer Jochanan describes KING Software, and that perfectly captures our essence. It's what every product in our diverse portfolio shares – they simplify your life by automating routine tasks. This way you can focus on what truly matters: your business.

Due Compliance

Navigate AML legislation with ease.

Due Compliance

Due Compliance is at the forefront of anti-money laundering compliance, making the complexities of the legislation easy. Cast aside the worry of whether you're doing enough. With Due Compliance’s tools, you can rest easy, assured that you’re doing your part in preventing money laundering.

Rooted in Scandinavian simplicity, we are more than just numbers and advice. A no-nonsense partner. The kind of partner where you feel at home and take your shoes off at the front door. No fuss, just trust and reliability. Success is great, the fact is that we aim for more: we want people to remember us.
Standing still? Not for us. We evolve and hold your trust. Our dream? To make the lives of entrepreneurs in Northern Europe simpler and more enjoyable. With a smile, professional, and innovative – that is Bjorn Lunden. No stiff affair, but a confident step into the future. We measure success not just in numbers, but especially in smiling faces. At Bjorn Lunden, we make entrepreneurs’ journeys simple, reliable, and fun. Welcome to the community!

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Purpose + quote

We have a simple belief: every company deserves growth opportunities. We are here to make that possible. With a mission to encourage entrepreneurs through smart solutions, facilitate growth, and reduce administrative hassle, we aim to tackle challenges and bring positive change to the lives of our customers.

By building a value ecosystem that contributes to the well-being of our customers and the communities they operate in, we strive to make growth and success possible for every company.

What does this mean for me?

Our commitment to being a trusted partner for our customers is stronger than ever. As we evolve, the most important thing for us is to hold your trust. The purpose of launching our new brand is to make this commitment even more clear. Think of us as a trusted friend who’s grown even wiser and more capable.

What does this mean for me

What can I expect?

By bringing our companies together, we’re creating a stronger, more robust entity that can offer you even better products and services. You can expect more innovation from our developers, and even more clarity from our support team. A deeper pool of talent working to meet your needs. We’re on this journey together, and we can’t wait to share the benefits with you.

What can I expect

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Happy customers


I am very happy and proud to embark on the exciting journey of our companies becoming one brand.

Uld Bokelund

Ulf Bokelund
Svensson, CEO

Frequently asked questions

Yes, all the products you currently use will remain the same in terms of their names, functionalities, and user experience. Any future updates will be communicated well in advance, with your convenience and success in mind. This change only affects our group name and our identity.

This rebranding doesn’t affect any contracts or agreements, they will remain in effect.

Not at all. We value the unique relationships we’ve built. Our approach to customer relationships will continue to be as personalized and attentive as ever.

Yes, this rebranding will not involve organizational changes. Your local support and customer success representatives will remain the same.

Quality is our cornerstone. As we grow, we’re investing in training, technology, and processes that ensure our standards are as high as possible.

No, being close to our customers is key to our success. While we have an international perspective, we will keep our local presence and our offices in Näsviken, Hudiksvall, Ljusdal, Stockholm, Göteborg, Roskilde, Rotterdam and Heemskerk.

Every company deserves growth opportunities.

We are here to make that possible.

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