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This is Bjorn Lunden, where six brands with a shared passion for automating financial processes have come together. With each company in our group contributing its unique experience, expertise and excellence. Our coming together marks a giant step forward in our commitment to ensuring efficiency, clarity and joy in your everyday business.

Björn Lundén Group drops the dots and becomes Bjorn Lunden


- aims to become a leading provider of SaaS solutions for companies and accounting firms in North Western Europe

SaaS company Björn Lundén Group is expanding its international initiative under the new brand Bjorn Lunden, which gathers the group’s companies operating in Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands. The new brand will be launched on March 21.

“After strategic acquisitions of complementary competencies, we now have a unique opportunity to challenge industry giants to provide more small and medium-sized enterprises with solutions that truly automate and simplify their administration,” says Ulf Bokelund Svensson, CEO of Bjorn Lunden.

The goal of the initiative is for Bjorn Lunden to become a leading provider of SaaS solutions for companies and accounting firms in North Western Europe. With an expanded talent pool of creative minds and driven developers, Bjorn Lunden’s users can expect many exciting innovations in the upcoming years.

“We have started working on a common platform for accounting, invoicing, and supplier payments that will work equally well regardless of whether you are working for a Swedish or Dutch company,” reveals Ulf Bokelund Svensson.

The new brand also receives an updated graphic profile and a new logo, signaling simplicity and evoking thoughts of the company’s Scandinavian roots.

“I am inspired by our new design and logo, which perfectly reflects the balance between our strong reliable history and an innovative pulsating future,” says Ulf Bokelund Svensson. The company group’s office units, structure, and management functions remain unchanged.
The brands that collectively constitute Bjorn Lunden are Dutch KING Software, Danish EazyProject, and Swedish Björn Lundén, QBIS, Timekeeper, and Due Compliance.

About Bjorn Lunden


Bjorn Lunden is a SaaS company based in North Western Europe, where six reputable brands with a common passion for automating financial processes have joined forces. We have a simple belief: every business deserves growth opportunities. We are here to make it possible. With a mission to encourage entrepreneurs through smart solutions, facilitate growth, and reduce administrative hassle, we strive to support entrepreneurship and create positive change in our customers’ lives.
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Meet Ulf


Introducing Ulf Bokelund Svensson, the CEO of Bjorn Lunden. Ulf’s expertise is unmatched as one of Sweden’s leading authorities on taxation and VAT.  
Ulf is an experienced and highly respected speaker who effortlessly blends incisive facts with liberating humor. His regular lectures, which focus on taxation and VAT, are a highlight within the industry.

Meet Ulf - Bjorn Lunden

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